Everybody desires to be the best. Everyone aspires to reach the top but are we really ‘The Best?’ Sometimes, talent is not the only attribute that makes us excellent. Sometimes, skills are not the only eligibility criteria for our success. It demands greater actions and extraordinary courage. To be the best, we tend to do things that we never fathomed from ourselves. This is the story of Shreya and her friends, and a series of such situations that occur with them. They pit themselves against each other to judge their proficiency on different parameters of school and life to discover the best amongst them. In the hubbub to compete against each other, they forget that it’s not only about reputation or persona, it's about reality. The reality that makes us who we are. Then comes the time to find out who in the pell-mell of hastened competition shall perform extraordinarily and top the list; who shall become ‘The Best Version’ of themselves?

The Best Version of Me

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  • Kritika Sehgal