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There are no two ways about it. There is also no easy way to say this that getting your work published in general is HARD. But isn't the whole writing process hard enough? It is exhausting. Can we not make publishing easier? Isn't there rejection enough in life already? There is a rejection being given and being taken so often that it is difficult to count. We are on a mission to make publishing easier and even more importantly transparent. So, WELCOME to PepperScript Publishing.

What we do is called Adaptive Publishing. It is a way to let Author control his/her book's destiny and let the readers decide the fate of the book. We believe that we alone cannot define if your book is fit to be published or not. We are only here to make sure that it is made available to people and that your dream comes true. You've waited a really long time to get published, and your wait from this day onwards should be over. Once you sign up with us, your book is not ONLY your book, but also is ours. If this is your first book, then we know how special it is and what it deserves. We are here to make your imagination and emotions and knowledge come to life in form of look and feel of a book.

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