Frequently asked


Frequently asked questions

How can I sell my book or my art or my painting on PS Bookstore?

Simply fill the form linked in the 'Sell with Us' option in our footer and we will reach out to you.

Does PS Bookstore ship internationally?

Yes! Please visit

If I am not published with PepperScript, can I still sell on PS Bookstore?

Absolutely! PepperScript ultimate vision is to support as many independent authors and artists as possible. You may get in touch with us through 'Sell with Us' and we will reach out to you.

How do I reach out to PS Bookstore for customer support?

FIrstly, we hope that there is no need for you to reach out to our customer support. For any reason, whatsoever, if you need us, simply write to and we will try our best to resolve your issue.